Here at Our Animal World, education is at the heart of our company. As the company was founded by an ex-school teacher, education was what inspired the creation of Our Animal World in the first place. All sessions are run by a fully qualified teacher.

Curiosity Corner

Curiosity Corner is a chance for children to get a chance to work scientifically and explore aspects of animals they may never normally get a chance to. We have microscopes, magnifying glasses and magnifying bug boxes which allow children to see a variety of insects a lot closer, feel and explore snake and other reptile shed, as well as getting a chance to see all the stages of a beetle’s life cycle.


Early Years - We run more relaxed Early Years sessions encouraging the curiosity of a young mind to learn about a variety of animals including mini beasts. Each session can be tailored to your specific needs.

Primary - All sessions are designed to meet the schools’ requirements. As a fully qualified and experienced teacher, Laura creates lesson plans for any area of the curriculum, even including Literacy.

Secondary - Looking for something more in-depth? Laura can also cater his presentations for secondary curriculum-based topics such as evolution, classification and taxonomy, ecosystems and the environment.

Further Education 

We often work alongside colleges and universities. This includes bespoke presentations on creating an animal business and to more general animal lectures and career fairs.
We also take on animal care students to complete their mandatory hours for their courses and A-Level students who want experience working with a range of animals to help them in their application to University to become nurses, vets, etc.


We regularly work with children and adults with Special Educational Needs at various schools and events throughout the year, including visits to disabled residencies and care homes.
Each SEND group receives a workshop adapted to the groups needs with animals chosen accordingly.

Encouraging a love of reading & writing

Our Animal World has worked alongside Suffolk County Council and their ‘Get Suffolk Reading’ campaign, encouraging children to read and join the library.
We run a variety of literacy sessions which include promoting a love of both reading and writing with the aid of the animals. An experience hook can be created as a part of ‘Talk for writing’ by Pie Corbett or as an interesting take on non-fiction writing.

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