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Reptile Room

Our wonderful reptile room houses our reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Each enclosure is designed according to the species that live in it, from the substrate to the decor. Each enclosure has its own temperatures, lighting needs and humidity levels which are checked and recorded regularly. 

We have recently transferred our reptile enclosure over to bioactive setups. This means effectively we have created individual eco-systems in each enclosure. Each reptile has a careful balance between specific insects, live plants and fungi which all vary accordingly to the natural environment the resident reptile would live in, in the wild. 

It is of great benefit to the reptile as it provides a much more natural enclosure, mimicking what they would have in the wild and can create more enrichment for the reptile. 

Bird Room

The birdroom was built in 2018 and designed specifically with the birds in mind. Since then it has been adjusted and adapted as more species were added into the birdroom. We now have around 16 different species of birds in our 2 large avairies. Both of which have both indoor and outdoor access for the birds.

Chicken Pen

Our five hens live in a 18ft x 9ft enclosure with a large Eglu coop which they have complete access to at all times and is fully secure from predators. They are allowed out to wander round the garden under supervision for their own safety. They have a swing, a sand bath pit, hanging feeders and access to other methods of entertainment. They have regular health checks and have a system of tonics, supplements and medication to ensure they’re always in great health.

Rabbit Aviary

Our rabbit aviary is 36ft x 10ft which consists of a 10ftx10ft grass/soil run, a covered 16ftx10ft outdoor aviary and a 8ftx10ft fully insulated shed. The rabbits are encouraged to dig, forage and explore their home as well as human interaction as part of their daily enrichment.

We are strong advocates of the RWAF’s #ahutchisnotenough campaign.

Mammal Shed

Our mammal shed houses our guinea pigs, hamster and pygmy hedgehog.

Our guinea pigs have 24/7 access to both a fully insulated shed and a covered run. They have many hiding places and are encouraged to forage and explore their enclosure and interact with humans as part of their daily enrichment. 

Our African pygmy hedgehog is housed in a 4ft x 2ft vivarium. We have recently turned his enclosure into a bioactive setup. This means effectively we have created individual eco-systems in his enclosure. There is a careful balance between specific insects, live plants and fungi which are safe and would appear in his natural environment. This also helps encourage our hedgehog to take part in natural behaviours such as investigating and digging for worms. He also has a large running wheel to access. 

Our hamster's enclosure has 2 levels. The bottom section is 80 x 50cm which has a 27inch running wheel and is designed in a more naturalistic way. The substrate is a mixture of soil and sand which encourages our hamster to take part in natural behaviours such as digging. It then has a tunnel system that leads into the 'bedroom' which is 59 x 38cm and has multiple hides with various bedding choices available as part of her enrichment. 

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